About this blog

Charly’s Bar is dedicated to creating cocktails of all sorts, sharing experiences, exploring classic drinks as well as discovering new craft recipes.
Originally a most classical Frenchman, Charly (Charles-Antoine Dubois in full) recently took the step to make it to the New World to start a new exciting life. Experiencing good moments, discovering new places and meeting interesting people is all what life is about, and he tries to live it to the fullest. For Charly, cocktails are an ever-pleasant occupation and symbol of civilisation, combining the sophistication of the preparation with the enjoyment of savouring.
This blog has been created for informational and enjoyment purposes only. Any posts / comments including language not appropriate for the tone of the blog (such as vulgarity) will be removed. All comments are moderated, and all visitors are encouraged to ask questions, as this blog aims at supporting them in familiarizing themselves with cocktails. There are no affiliate links or ads on this blog. Affiliate links may be added in the future but for now this blog only contains recipes, information and reviews. All views and opinions expressed on these blog posts are Charly’s, and express only his preferences and suggestions.

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